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Partner Plan


Remember when we were younger and we joined a ‘partna’ with our friends? COK’s Partner Plan operates on the same principles as the traditional “partna” system; but with the COK Partner Plan you can earn extra hands on your savings, your money is safe and your draw is guaranteed.

You can use the COK Partner Plan to save for a specific purpose, such as your children’s back to school expenses, your family vacation, your “Christmas money” and expenses relating to attending special international occasions such as sports and athletics events. Join Now.



Features of the Partner Plan:

  • The minimum of $500 per hand weekly (there is no limit on the number of hands)
  • Each hand can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, at your convenience
  • You can have several Partners running concurrently
  • At the end of the draw period, the amount will be transferred to your Golden Egg or Share Account.

The Partner Plan rewards you according to the following schedule:
*Conditions Apply

Weeks Conditions Rewards
16 weeks (4 months) No more than ONE late payment 5% of weekly hand
24 weeks (6 months) No more than TWO late payments 15% of weekly hand
36 weeks (9 months) No more than THREE late payments 45% of weekly hand
48 weeks (12 months) No more than FOUR late payments 90% of weekly hand


  • Must be a member with a minimum Ordinary Share balance of $1000
  • Members forfeit all rewards if they withdraw from Partner before the agreed maturity date or if any of the above listed conditions are violated.