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Who We Are

With a vision ahead of its time, Albert Morris had proposed the concept to create an inclusive credit union for the citizens of Kingston. A credit union is a co-operative financial institution, which is owned and controlled by its members.  His dream was finally brought to fruition in 1967, when Paul Chavannes submitted Mr. Morris’ proposal to the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) and the Registrar of Co-operative; which resulted in the birth of the City of Kingston Co-operative Credit Union Limited (COK) on October 26, 1967. With 13 members and a total share of two shillings and six pence the first Annual General Meeting was held on November 24, 1967.

Since its inception COK has grown from a union with only 13 members to enjoying the benefits of being the largest membership in not just Jamaica but in the English-speaking Caribbean on a whole. COK not only caters to its customers located across Jamaica such as St. Andrew, Kingston, Montego Bay and St. Catherine; but also, to its customers living overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Grand Cayman. With over 50 years serving its clients, COK plans to continue helping and others and expanding to further lengths over time.

COK continues to honor its founding members who contributed to making a vision becoming a reality.

Let us meet the team who are COK’s founding members.

COK Credit Union Founding Members

Mr. Paul Chavannes (deceased)

Founding Member and the first employee was a CUNA Mutual sales representative to Jamaica and Belize, when he approached members of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) and the Registrar of Co-operatives.  His lobbying efforts were successful; the Registrar of Co-operatives, Mr. James Kirlew, gave his blessings along with two shillings and six pence – the required registration fee for incorporating a credit union.

Mr. Albert Morris

Founder, the first President of the Board and currently an Honorary Director. Having made such a monumental, selfless contribution to the COK Sodality family, the Directors agreed that they should create a special place of honour for him on COK Sodality’s Board, where his wealth of knowledge would be available to the organization. The Directors proposed that Albert Morris be appointed an Honorary Director of COK Sodality. The motion was moved by Mr. Joscelyn Jolly, President and seconded by Mr. Christopher Robinson in 2009.

Mr. Ken LaCruise

Founding Member and the first treasurer of the Board. Mr. LaCruise worked in the capacity of Financial Controller of COK now COK Sodality for an extended period. A Fellow of the Association of Certified Accountants, he served on the Institute’s Disciplinary Committee, Finance Committee, and also on the Future of the Profession, Building and Taxation Committees.

Mrs. Vinette Foster

Founding Member, Mrs. Vinette Foster became the first female member of the Credit Union in 1967 and was identified as “account holder #2”. For 13 years, operating from Mr. Paul Chavannes’ office, she provided 2 hours of voluntary accounting service for COK.  Mrs. Foster was also a former member of Credit Committee.

Mr. Roy Anderson

Founding Member seen as a true educator, for several years, was armed with the responsibility to provide member education. He engaged the minds of the COK Sodality members to understand the complexity and richness of the Credit Union’s co-operative thoughts and philosophies. Justice of the Peace, Roy Anderson who was at the time a civil servant, worked tirelessly to shape the direction of the Credit Union.

Father Gerard McLaughlin

Founder, Father McLaughlin was an ardent worker who not only formed part of the foundation of the credit union movement in Jamaica but was also the first President and Managing Director of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League. He served to achieve among other things; the strengthening of the safety and soundness of the credit union movement, increase the branch network available to members as well as to establish services within the convenient reach of more Jamaicans.


Implementing good governance is a hallmark of COK Sodality Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (COK).

At each Annual General Meeting, COK’s members elect the Board of Directors. The Board consist of members from varying disciplines and professions who through their training and experience bring valuable guidance and direction to the work of the Credit Union. The principal role of the board of directors, as representatives of the shareholders, is to oversee COK’s primary functions and to ensure it continues to operate in the best interests and practices of all members involved. The Board ensures that corporate governance is maintained and strategic objectives are achieved. The Board of Directors operates as a cohesive unit and elects from within their numbers a President, Vice President(s), a Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer.

Members of the Board of Directors are:-

Clive Medwynter


Mr. Clive Medwynter, a business practitioner for over 19 years. Operates his own business, Paradigm Pioneers Incorporation since 1996 which is a leader in advertising specialty and promotional product distributor. Mr. Medwynter is an experienced Marketing Specialist and a believer in the core principles of marketing management. He has a Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences from UWI, Mona.

Hank Williams

Vice President

Mr. Errol Beckford


Stanford Graham


Dr. Michelle Russell


Irwin Errol Gregory


Irwin Errol Gregory is a former teacher of Economics, at Kingston College. A graduate of the University of the West Indies, he holds a Batchelor of Arts (Upper Second), Master of Arts (Education), and a Diploma in Education from that institution.
Currently retired from the University of Technology’s Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship Ethics and Leadership, he still teaches part time at the institution. He is the producer/presenter of the weekly Financial Discussion Programme, Financially Speaking, on KLAS Sports Radio.
He’s the father of a daughter who is the pearl of his eye. He is a lover of vintage reggae music.