Who Are We?

COK Sodality Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. (COK), formerly City of Kingston Co-operative Credit Union Ltd., was incorporated in October 1967 to serve the financial needs of its members in Kingston and St. Andrew. Over the years COK has evolved into a solid, safe and financially secure, financial services institution well known for its high level of innovativeness in the Credit Union Movement.

COK is headquartered in Kingston; serving members across Jamaica through its network of Branches in Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Mandeville and Montego Bay. COK also serves its members who reside overseas in North America, the UK, Grand Cayman, and other parts of the Caribbean.

COK provides a variety of services to meet the personal or business needs of its members through its branch network, ATM services, and multi-service call centre, which manages both telephone and online inquiries.

COK manages a multi-billion portfolio of over J$6.2B in savings and J$7.3B in assets for its approximately 245,000 members. COK currently enjoys the largest membership base among the credit unions in Jamaica and the English Speaking Caribbean.

COK’s workforce consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, led by Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Aloun Ndombet- Assamba, JP. who reports to the Board of Directors led by President, Mr Steadman Pitterson. The Board of Directors appoints other non-statutory committees from among membership and staff. COK’s strength is its members, who, at the Annual General Meetings AGM), elects the Board, Supervisory and Credit Committees, and who also influence decisions on the direction and activities of the credit union. COKworks in conjunction with other Credit Unions in Jamaica, the Caribbean and across the globe; sharing operational best practices.

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