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COK Sodality Cooperative Credit Union has taken note of a demonstration at its head office located at 66 Slipe Road, Kingston on November 18, 2020. The Credit Union also takes note of the information related to the demonstration being circulated on social media. It notes that the protest relates to a matter which has been heard under Arbitration Rules by the Registrar of Cooperatives.

At the end of the process of arbitration, a ruling was handed down in favor of the Credit Union. The member in question has appealed the ruling and the matter is now being considered by the Registrar of Cooperatives.

This remains a sensitive matter and the Credit Union is taking all steps to ensure that it is resolved in the best interest of its membership and the credit union.

The Credit Union wishes to reassure its members and other stakeholders that where there are disputes, the rules by which we are governed are strictly observed and due process is followed. The Credit Union further encourages all associated parties in the aforementioned demonstration to be patient and allow the process to follow the appropriate channels.

The Credit Union will continue to protect the interest of its members and continues to be your financial partner.

COK Sodality Cooperative Credit Union.


For further information call Ambassador Aloun N’Dombet Assamba at 876-960-4226 or email

[email protected]