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Welcome to COK!

In response to the need for an inclusive credit union that offered membership to citizens of Kingston and St. Andrew, the City of Kingston Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (COK). COK was incorporated in 1967.

Although there were some 130 credit unions at the time, their membership was restricted to certain professions or church groups. The COK concept meant that for the first time, people could join a credit union once they were residents of the Corporate Area.


Mr. Albert Morris had first proposed the initial concept, however he was years ahead of his time and his dream did not materialize until 1967,when Mr. Paul Chavannes, a CUNA Mutual sales representative to Jamaica and Belize, recollected Albert Morris’ proposal and approached members of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) and the Registrar of Co-operatives. His lobbying efforts were successful; the Registrar of Co-operatives, Mr. James Kirlew, gave his blessings along with two shillings and six pence – the required registration fee for incorporating a credit union. On October 26, 1967 the vision became a reality.

COK,  a month after registration, held the first Annual General Meeting on November 24, 1967. At that time there were 13 members and a total shares of sixty pounds (J$120).

Until February 1969, when the first employee was hired, Mr. Chavannes voluntarily ran the office from his desk in CUNA Mutual’s Office, located at JCCUL headquarters at 2A Manhattan Road, Kingston 5.
On 1st March 1970, COK rented space from the JCCUL. By April 1973 the company outgrew its accommodations and purchased property at 27 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5 to expand its operations. The Credit Union continued its aggressive growth and development and by December 1979, relocated its offices to a previously acquired property at 66 Slipe Road, Kingston 5.

November 1, 2009 marked a historic occasion in the life of City of Kingston and Sodality Co-operative Credit Unions as both ins

The merger expanded the bond and allows membership in the Credit Union to individuals who are:

    1. Persons of the Catholic Faith;
    2. Persons working or living in Kingston & St Andrew;
    3. Employees of the Society;
    4. Relatives of members who qualify under (a) and (c) above, provided that relatives include Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Husband, Wife, Niece, Nephew and Grandparents; and
    5. Other Co-operatives.

COK serves members in Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Mandeville, Montego Bay and other parts of the Island as well as Jamaicans overseas in North America, the UK, Grand Cayman and other Caribbean countries. COK enjoys the largest membership among all credit unions in Jamaica and in the English-speaking Caribbean.