I am sure you already know this “walking is good for you”.  That can be evidenced by the record number of persons who participated in the Sigma Run/Walk event every year.  However, there are still too many persons who think that walking is not “real exercise”  and decide not to exercise because they do not

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much we take for granted the bodily function of passing urine?  We hardly remember the many functions of the kidneys until they start to give trouble.  Today, we discuss a serious problem, which is the failure of the kidney, the organ that purifies the blood, extracts the waste

It is one of the most important regions of the body, but this area is still talked about in hushed tones, and what comes out of it is not considered proper talk around the family dinner table. What am I talking about?  The colon and its contents, the faeces.  Ugh….gross… you say, but try doing